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[OCG] Raging Tempest Set Description

Confirming support for at least 1 Duel Terminal Theme and Yugi-theme, in addition to support for certain anime characters!

Raging Tempest
Releases October 8th
143 Yen/pack, 4,290 Yen/box

Set Content Description
New cards used by characters from the Arc-V anime, such as Tenjoin Asuka/Alexis Rhodes, Tenjo Kaito/Kite Tenjo, Yugo, and Yuya’s Entermate/Performapals!

Support for themes from past sets, like Ritual Beast and Chaos Soldier/Black Luster Soldier decks!

Includes a set balanced with cards that both fans of the anime and competitive players can enjoy!


We’ll keep you updated with more info as it comes!



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