[RUSH DUEL] Triple Build Pack: Godbreath Wing

It’s time to enter a world of breath and speed!

The first “Triple Build Pack” that lets you enjoy the fun of building your Deck from the cards included in the pack, comes out on sale June 24th, 2023. It includes 3 Themes of different Types. It’s also possible to build a multi-themed Deck with this pack. There’s brand new cards for the ultra popular “Official Card Game” theme Harpies that make them viable in Rush Duels, as well as any other necessary cards. Also, reprints that go great with the new cards are included.

Triple Build Pack: Godbreath Wing

Maker: Konami
Release Date: June 24th, 2023
Contents: 65 Different Cards
5 Cards per Pack (Cost: 176 Yen)
15 Packs per Box


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