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[Duel Links] Raid Duel – The Flames of Vengeance: Ccapac Apu

The Earthbound Immortal, rewards, how to play special event Duels and how to unlock event exclusive Kalin Kressler.

  • Event details and how to play 
  • Obtainable cards, Skills and how to unlock Kalin Kressler 
  • How to Play Turbo Duels 
  • Event Items 
  • Forbidden Skills and Cards


*This event is available after unlocking Duel World (5D’s)


1. Collect Dark Signer Vestiges

Obtain Dark Signer Vestiges by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels.

2. Find the Earthbound Immortal and challenge it to a Duel.

Dueling in Duel World and Ranked Duels will make Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu appear.

Use Dark Signer Vestiges to Duel the Earthbound Immortal from the event page.

3. Raid Duel the Earthbound Immortal.

The Earthbound Immortal has a massive amount of LP so team up with Duelists from around the world to defeat it in a Raid Duel.

The damage you do to it carries over from Duel to Duel, so Duel it multiple times by spending Dark Signer Vestiges until you reduce its LP to 0.

4. Defeat the Earthbound Immortal to obtain rewards.

Defeat the Earthbound Immortal to earn Cards, Gems, Gold and more as Treasure Box Rewards and Damage Points Awards.

Team up with Duelists around the world 

In Raid Duels you can ask for help from Duelists around the world.

Select Assist Duel to Duel an Earthbound Immortal that another player is currently Dueling.

Assist Duels do not require as many Dark Signer Vestiges. You can Assist Duel once without spending any Dark Signer Vestiges if an opportunity comes up after Dueling the Earthbound Immortal. Also, your first Duel each time it spawns, as well as your first Assist Duel each day, will not cost you any Dark Signer Vestiges.

*You can play Assist Duels after Dueling the Earthbound Immortal once.


Exclusive Skill

The “Flames of Vengeance” Skill is exclusive to  Kalin Kressler and end the Duel on the 5th turn.

How to Unlock Kalin Kressler

How to unlock Hundred Eyes Dragon

Cards obtained by defeating Earthbound Immortal 

Earthbound wave UR

Infernity Mirage UR

Infernity Beetle SR

Infernity Patriarch SR

Infernity Beast R


Turbo Duels

After every 5 Duels you can play a Turbo Duel.

Whoever turns the first corner goes first. The player who goes first will be decided by a special animation instead of a coin toss.

In Turbo Duels you can gain/lose Speed Counters based on the conditions below:

– At the beginning of each standby phase (+1)

– When You Normal Summon a Monster (+2)

(Special Summon and flip summon are not included)

– When you Synchro Summon a Monster (+3)

– When a Monster you control is destroyed (-1)

*Your maximum amount of Speed Counters is 12.

In Turbo Duels, you can remove Speed Counters to use the Ex Skill “Speed Spell – Acceleration”.

*During Turbo Dueling you can use both your EX Skill and the Skill you have set to your Deck.


Event Items

*You can obtain a large amount of Dark Signer Vestiges by winning Duels.

Up to twice a day you will receive an additional 10 when you win one in the event.

Ex Jewels expiration date: July 16

*Ex Duels will disappear once the opportunity to use them at the Card Trader ends.


Forbidden Skills and Cards 

These Skills and Cards cannot be used in Raid Duels.

Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

Destiny HERO – Dogma

Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin

Amazoness Swords Woman

Fire Princess

Magical Reflect Slime

Anti-Aircraft Flower

Gaap the Divine Soldier

Jirai Gumo

Chaos Hunter


Des Counterblow

Remove Brainwashing

Ancient Sacred Wyvern


This event will end July 9 2019.