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Pics of VRAINS Sound Duel 4 & Vocal Best

That took quite a while

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Sound Duel 4

1. The Last Duel
2. 友情のリユニオン (Reunion of Friendship)
3. Come to an End
4. Defense of Duel
5. The Real Hero
6. 炎のクライシス (Crisis of Flames)
7. True Friendship
8. ブルーメイデン (Blue Maiden)
9. Serious Duel
10. 圧倒的な力の差 (An Overwhelming Difference in Power)
11. シンクロナイゼーション (Synchronization)
12. Massive Duel
13. Strong Attack
14. Tough Situation
15. Darkness of Mind
16. 人間への反逆 (Rebelling Against Humanity)
17. Powerful Duel
18. 世紀の対決! (Showdown of the Century!)
19. Fateful Duel
20. Sad Isolation
21. Aiの野望 (Ai’s Ambition)
22. Anxiety
23. 拮抗した戦い (Antagonistic Battle)
24. 丁々発止のデュエル (A Duel of Clashing Ideals)
25. 全てを賭けた戦い (An All-or-Nothing Battle)
26. Thankful Moment



1. With The Wind by 永TOMMY弘明
2. go forward by KIMERU
3. calling by KIMERU
4. Believe In Magic by 龍雅-Ryoga-
5. Writing Life by Goodbye holiday
6. BOY by uchuu;
7. glory by BAND-MAID
8. Are you ready? by BiS

Reminder:Are you ready?” is an 11 minute heavy metal rock opera.


Both release on April 8th, 2020


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