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[CYAC] Time-Rending Morganite

Ain’t got time to wait… I wanna stick around til’ I can’t see straight.

CYAC-JP067 時を裂く魔瞳 Toki wo Saku Morganite (Time-Rending Morganite)
Normal Spell Card
(1) For the rest of this Duel, apply each of these effects.
• You cannot activate monster effects in the hand.
• You draw 2 cards each time you conduct your normal draw.
• You can Normal Summon/Set up to twice per turn.
(2) You can banish this card from your GY, then discard 1 “Time-Rending Morganite”; each time you Normal Summon a monster this turn, your opponent cannot activate monster effects.

Note: 魔瞳 Kanji wise is “Magic/Evil Eye” while the card reads as Morganite in forced Katakana.


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