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[Merchandise] New Cospa Goods (December 15th, 2017)

Including Judai’s classic shoulder bag.

Item Name: ★Limited Edition★ Yuuki Judai Shoulder Bag
Measurements: 51 cm high x 19.5 cm wide x 19cm long
Materials: Synthetic Leather for the Exterior, Polyester and Cotton for the Interior
Price: ¥7,800 (Plus Tac ¥8,424)

This item is a limited edition order item.

<First Make-to-Order Production>
【Site Reservation Period】 Until Noon of January 22nd, 2018
【Product Deliveryy】 Currently scheduled for Mid April 2018

【Store Front Reservation Acceptance Period】
「Cospa Official Stop」 Until January 21st, 2018
「G Zone」 Until January 19th, 2018

■ Product Delivery Date: Currently Scheduled for Mid April 2018

Just like Judai’s!
Judai’s favorite bag appears a real product!
・ A large size shoulder bag
・ It has a high quality calm finish using antiqued synthetic leather.
・ The upper part can be opened and closed by removing the belt.
・ On the side, there’s a large zipper which lets you easily access the inside without having to constantly open and close the top.
・ Its characteristic square pockets are easy to open and close with magnetic buttons.
・ It has an Inner Pocket
・ It has an adjustable belt

Item Name: Jounouchi’s Turn T-Shirt / M / WHITE
Item name: Yami Bakura’s Turn T-Shirt / M / BLACK
Item Name: Team Satisfaction T-Shirt / M / BLACK
Item Name: Ryoga’s “Irattokuruze!” Catchphrase T-Shirt / M / BLACK
Item Name: Vector’s “Yukaranu” Ctachphrase T-Shirt / M / BLACK
Size: M
Measurements: 67 cm long x 50 cm width x 20 cm long for the Sleeves, plus 100% Cotton
Price: ¥2,900 (Plus Tax ¥3,132)
■ Scheduled for Release in Late February 2018

Item Name: IV’s Fanservice Large Tote Bag / BLACK
Size: Height 40 cm x Length 48 cm x Width 15 cm / 100% Cotton
Price: ¥1,800 (Plus Tax ¥1,944)
■ Schedule for Release in Late February 2018


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