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[RD Deck Recipe] Fiend-Type Deck

Get your epic rock on!

Fiend-Type Deck

A Deck that demonstrates its power by Tributing high Level monsters to Tribute Summon!
Use the effect to Special Summon monsters from the Graveyard to use them for Tribute Summon.

2 Royal Demon’s Heavy Metal
3 Royal Demon’s Invasion
3 Royal Demon’s Death Voice
1 Royal Demon’s Punk
2 Star Battle Knight Equelculs
3 Gargoyle of the Palace
3 Feral Imp
1 Royal Demon’s Shout
3 Followl of Wisdoom
3 The Flute of Calling Daemon
1 Descendant of Titan
3 Royal Demon’s Groupie

3 Evil Star’s Guidance
1 Simoom of the Genie
2 The Post Apocalyptic Beast Gear World
2 Ancient Barrier

2 King’s Dignity
1 Beast Gear World Secret Technique – Fist of the Beast
1 Epic Demon’s Rock


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