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Even More Information on World Premiere Pack 2022

There is no such thing as a TCG ‘exclusive’. Merely a premiere.

C Labo has revealed more details about the upcoming World Premiere Pack:

■ The latest “WORLD PREMIERE PACK” appears, that consolidates cards that premiered internationally for East Asian players!
■ This product contains cards that primarily premiered internationally in products from “Dawn of Majesty” to “Dimension Force”, but new cards from other international products are also included!
■ The 5 Prismatic Secret Rares are international illustration versions!

■ Product Specifications
◇ 1 Pack of 5 Cards
◇ 57 Different Cards (5 Prismatic Secret Rares, 5 Ultra Rares, 6 Super Rares, 12 Rares, 29 Commons)
※ Super Rare & Ultra Rare Cards are also available as Secret Rares.

As an editorial note, there are 5 outstanding Alternate Artworks that have not been released in the OCG:
■ “Eldlich the Golden Lord”
■ “Rescue Cat”
■ “Knightmare Unicorn”
■ “Danger!? Bigfoot”
■ “Black Rose Dragon”

From “Maximum Gold: El Dorado”, so those are the most likely suspects for the “International Illustrations”.


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