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[EP16] More Japanese Names

These translations aren’t based on hunches.


怪粉壊獣ガダーラ Kaifun Kaijyuu Gadaara for “Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju”, it’s more or less a straight translation of the TCG name, except 粉 is more along the lines of Powder.


KYOUTOUウォーターフロント is well, Kyoutou Waterfront


妨げられた壊獣の眠りSamatagerareta Kaijyuu no Nemuri is basically a very unexpectedly awkward straight translation of “Interrupted Kaiju Slumber”


Kozmo-スリップライダー is literally Kozmo – Sliprider, thus Kozmo Sliprider


バージェストマ・ハルキゲニア is Burgesstoma Hallucigenia, the OCG name for Paleozoic Hallucigenia, so more or less a straight translation of the Korean Name.


バージェストマ・ピカイア is Burgesstoma Pikaia, a straight translation of the Korean Name for Palezoic Pikaia


バージェストマ・ディノミスクス is Burgesstoma, a straight translation of the Korean name for Paleozoic Dinomischus.

Also for what it’s worth, the OCG text for the 2nd effects of the Palezoic / Burgesstoma cards, is extremely straightforward in describing them as optional, in that it says you can choose to activate them. “When, Can” specifically.

So no need for hunches that they’re optional effects, in Japan and Asia, the cards flat up tell you.

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