Limited Theatrical Release of Dark Side of Dimensions in Japanese with English Subtitles

Apparently, yes, during mid to late April, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, the 2 hour finale to the story of the original cast, is to run in select theaters across the United States of America for a one to two day run with the original Japanese audio but with official subtitles.

According to RaveGrl, who specializes in information about the anime and manga and 4Kmedia in general, 4KMedia last week mentioned this event on FaceBook (and then subsequently deleted the post with the information).

Essentially, this is happening due to 4KMedia teaming up with film distributor ElevenArts who specializes in limited theatrical runs of foreign films, both live action and animated, with their resume showing they chiefly specialize in limited runs of Japanese anime, such as Rebuild of Evangelion or Sword Arts Online: The Movie.

The main problem is neither 4KMedia nor the distributor they teamed up with, ElevenArts, is providing a list of all valid theater showings. Eleven Arts for reasons unknown has not posted the list they said they would, while 4Kmedia apparently has not been provided the full list of information from the theaters that are supposed to be running the film for this limited event, due to theaters not getting back to them

The current list of theaters who have managed to confirm they will be running it, and the dates it will be running, are as such:


Sacramento – The Tower Theatre – April 15
San Diego – Angelika Carmel Mountain – April 15
San Diego – Reading Cinemas Town Square – April 15
San Francisco – New People Cinema – April 28

District of Columbia

Washington – Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market – April 15


Honolulu – Consolidated Ward – April 15
Kapolei – Consolidated Kapolei – April 15


Bloomfield – The Maple Theater – April 14


Kansas City – Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet – April 16

New Jersey

Manville – Reading Cinemas Manville – April 15

New York

New York City: Village East Cinema – April 15

North Carolina

Raleigh – Raleighwood Cinema Grill – April 24 & 26


Cleveland – Cedar Lee Theatre – April 16
Columbus – Gateway Film Center – April 14


Portland – Hollywood Theater – April 14


Pittsburgh – Hollywood Theater – April 14


Dallas – Angelika Dallas – April 15
El Paso – Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo – April 15 (Sub), 16 (Dub)
Plano – Angelika Plano – April 15
Richardson – Alamo Drafthouse Richardson – April 14 & 15 (Sub), 16 (Dub)


Ashburn – Alamo Drafthouse One Loudoun – April 14
Fairfax – Angelika at Mosaic – April 15


Milwaukee – Avalon Theater – April 18 & 20

We’ll try and update with further information should it appear. Much and many thanks is given to RaveGrl for bringing this to light in the first place.


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