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[Duel Links] Duel Quest #8

The latest round of Duel Quest with “Kelbek” as the featured Reward Card, and new secret floors.

Available until October 8.

Duel to advance through the dungeon and collect Treasure Boxes to obtain Coins, Gems, Jewels, Tickets, and new Skill Chips.

Featured Rewards

“Kelbek” [SR] – Floor 600

Gold Treasure Box Rewards 

180 Gems

13 Skill Chips

4 EXP Boosters

2 Extra Life Boosters

2 Extra Card Boosters

4 Results Boosters

Gift of the Mystically Elf – B100

Fire Sorcerer – B200

Remove Trap – B300

Sonic Jammer – B400

Shine Palace – B500

Kelbek – B600

Game Mat: Duel Quest #8 – B700

One of the following Rewards can be obtained at random from the Silver Treasure Box:

Secret Floors

Duel against a specified Duelist for certain times to make secret floors appear and get awesome items.

*Duels while secret floors are available will not count towards the next set of secret floors appearing.

Event Information 

Score and Floors 

Advance one floor per point. New floors will be added daily.

Amount of Obtainable Score 

Treasure Box Rewards 

Friend Score 

Friend Score is equal to the number of friends playing the quest on the same day and increase the advancement through the floors. You can earn a max. of 10 Friend Score per day.

The more friends that participate in the quest, the more Friend Score you will obtain.