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[OCG] Memories of the Duel King: Battle City Edition (Numbered List)

The full, numbered list is here!

15AY-JPB00 Dark Renewal (Secret Rare)
15AY-JPB01 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB02 Dark Magician (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB03 Dark Magician Girl (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB04 Buster Blader (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB05 Archfiend of Gilfer
15AY-JPB06 Jack’s Knight
15AY-JPB07 Queen’s Knight
15AY-JPB08 King’s Knight
15AY-JPB09 Berfomet
15AY-JPB10 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
15AY-JPB11 Alpha the Magnet Warrior (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB12 Beta the Magnet Warrior (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB13 Gamma the Magnet Warrior (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB14 Big Shield Gardna
15AY-JPB15 Kuriboh
15AY-JPB16 Monster Reborn
15AY-JPB17 Swords of Revealing Light
15AY-JPB18 Dark Magic Curtain
15AY-JPB19 Thousand Knives
15AY-JPB20 Magic Formula
15AY-JPB21 Magical Dimension
15AY-JPB22 Diffusion Wave-Motion
15AY-JPB23 Double Spell
15AY-JPB24 Ectoplasmer
15AY-JPB25 Soul Taker
15AY-JPB26 Pot of Greed (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB27 Card Destruction
15AY-JPB28 Exchange
15AY-JPB29 Monster Recovvery
15AY-JPB30 Polymerization (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB31 De-Fusion
15AY-JPB32 Multiply
15AY-JPB33 Mirror Force (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB34 Magical Hats (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB35 Magic Cylinder (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB36 Spellbinding Circle
15AY-JPB37 Lightforce Sword (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPB38 Chain Destruction
15AY-JPB39 Soul Rope
15AY-JPB40 Tragedy
15AY-JPB41 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (Ultra Rare)
15AY-JPTKN Token (15th Anniversary Token) (Ultra Rare)
Obelisk the Tormentor (Ultra Rare)
The Kingdom (Ultra Rare)


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