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[Duel Links] Various Updates

The Duel-A-Thon, new Ranked Duels rewards, Card Trader updates, Box updates and the next campaign!

The featured card Cumulative rewards for the Duel-A-Thon this time are “Bitelon” and “Dancing Fairy”, with the other Cumulative rewards being Gold and Gems.

Three new cards have been added to the Ranked Duels Ticket Pools – The UR “King Dragun”, the SR “Malevolent Nuzzler” and the R “Union Rider”.

Three new cards have also been added to the Card Trader – The SR “Familiar Possessed – Hiita” and “Familiar Possesed – Aussa” and the R “Six Scrolls of the Samurai”.

The amount of packs in future Main and Mini-Boxes have changed. Main Boxes now have 180 packs instead of 200, while Mini-Boxes now have 100 packs instead of 80.

The 1.5 EXP campaign has ended and a Bonus Duel Rewards campaign has begun, where you get an extra 1000 Duel Assessment Points automatically for the duration of the campaign.


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