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[Duel Links] From The TGS2017 Stage

Mostly just a demonstration Duel of Judai/Jaden vs Edo/Aster. And some minor news about WCS 2018’s Duel Links Event.

Edo vs Judai

Elemental HERO Blazeman

Destiny HERO – Drilldark

Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude

Polymerization (Alternate Artwork)

Elemental HERO Thunder Giant

O – Oversoul

Elemental HERO Sparkman

Destiny HERO – Fear Monger

Destiny Signal

Destiny HERO – Dunker

Destiny HERO – Plasma

Fusion Recovery

Elemental HERO Neos

R – Righteous Justice

The World Championship 2018 Duel Links Representatives for each region will be chosen from Kaiba Cup event, Preliminaries to the WCS2018 Duel Links Regional event, and an unrevealed event method.

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