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[Duel Links] Shark Attack: Numbers Appear

Only like three more and we will have as many of these as Jaws Films!

The Shark Attack Event has started in Duel Links and once again features Reginald “Shark” Kastle. Duel in Duel World to obtain Number Reports which are used to Duel Reginald at the Event Duel Gate. Dueling Shark at the Gate will allow you to obtain points to obtain prizes such as Gold, Gems, Rarity Stones, the new Number card Number 47 Nightmare Shark, and even Reginald Kastle himself.

When Number 47: Nightmare Shark allows the player to attach a level 3 water monster from your hand or side of the field to itself. You can also detach 1 material from Nightmare Shark to attack directly. Another new card drop from Kastle is Depth Shark which is a level 5 monster than can be summoned without a tribute and during your opponents Standby Phase you can double this monsters attack to make a 2800 point monster to protect your life points.

Lastly, a new skill was added for Shark and that skill is Full Armored XYZ [Black Ray]. This skill allows you to take one Full Armored Black Ray Lancer from outside your deck and place it on top of a Black Day Lancer or a Submersible Carrier Aero Shark, this skill can only be used once per duel.