[Duel Links] Serious Chazz event

The Serious (or Ojamaless, if you will) version of Chazz is back, with new rewards.

This is a regular Roaming Duelist event, where standard Duels increase the chances of Serious Chazz appearing. Ranked Duels will also increase the chances. There are event missions and of course, new drops from Serious Chazz.

Event missions and Rewards:

Win 1 Duel against Serious Chazz – 1 copy of “Armed Dragon LV7”
Win 3 Duels against Serious Chazz – 1 copy of “Ojamandala”
Win 7 Duels against Serious Chazz – 1 copy of “Axe Dragonute”
Play 15 Duels against Serious Chazz – 1 copy of “Ojamatch”
Play 20 Duels against Serious Chazz – Armed Dragon (LV10) Sleeves
Play 25 Duels against Serious Chazz – Playmat featuring all four “LV”/”Armed Dragon” monsters.

Level 40 Victory Rewards:
(UR) Ojamatch
(UR) Armed Dragon LV10
(SR) Ojamandala
(SR) Armed Dragon LV5
(SR) Axe Dragonute
(R) Armed Dragon LV7
(R) Gemini Imps
(R) Armed Dragon LV3
(R) Chthonian Polymer
(N) Infernal Incinerator

One of the drops, “Ojamandala”, isn’t actually a released card. It was used by Chazz several times in the anime and also appeared in some of the Tag Force games, but its never been a real card. This is a first for Duel Links.

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