[Duel Links] The Paradox Brothers Return

It’s a repeat of a previous one with two brothers who shook up the meta. And with them come new cards.

Their Drops this time around:

Super Rare
Labyrinth Wall
Extra Gate
DNA Checkup
Destruct Potion
Damage Gate
Dimension Gate

Labyrinth Tank
Dungeon Worm
Monster Tamer
Beastking of the Swamp
Giga-Tech Wolf
Heroic Gift
Summon Gate

Meanwhile, the following cards can be obtained by reaching certain points:

  • 100,000: Oni Tank T-34
  • 350,000: Neo Aqua Madoor
  • 1,000,000: Archfiend Palabyrinth
  • 2,400,000: Destruct Potion


NeoArkadia is the mysterious Number 2 of the Organization.