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[Duel Links] Mokuba and Bonz Join the Gate

Everyone’s favorite kid brother and everyone’s favorite creepy faced kid are now regulars at the Gate.

Basic summary of who Bonz and Mokuba are.

Mokuba is chiefly more esoteric Dragon support.

Konami incorrectly cites “Straight to the Grave” gives you Forest.

While Bonz retains generic Zombie and Ghostrick support value.

Mokuba’s Unique Drops are:

  • Frost and Flame Dragon (UR)
  • Darkflare Dragon (UR)
  • Mosaic Manticore (SR)
  • Divine Dragon Apocralyph (SR)
  • Kidmodo Dragon (SR)
  • Beacon of White (SR)
  • Advance Draw (SR)
  • Lava Dragon (R)
  • Divine Dragon Ragnarok (R)
  • Dragon Manipulator (R)
  • Dragon’s Rage (R)
  • D. Tribe (N)
  • The Dragon’s Bead (N)

Bonz’s Unique Drops are:

  • Pumpking the King of Ghosts (UR)
  • Ryu Kokki (SR)
  • Castle of Dark Illusions (SR)
  • Ghostrick Stein (SR)
  • Ghostrick Witch (SR)
  • Call of the Mummy (SR)
  • Monster Rebone (SR)
  • Ghostrick Ghoul (R)
  • Ghostrick Mummy (R)
  • Ghostrick Skeleton (R)
  • Ghostrick Vanish (R)
  • Armored Zombie (N)
  • Clown Zombie (N)
  • Skull Servant (N)


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