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[Duel Links] KENN at Tokyo Game Show 2017

Probably related to the GX World’s release.

The Official Japanese Duel Links Twitter Account has confirmed that KENN, i.e Ohashi Kenichirothe Japanese voice actor of Yuki Judai from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will be at their Duel Links Tokyo Game Show Special Stage. Presumably to help promote further details about the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX World Expansion of the Duel Links game.

For those, curious or unaware, KENN is also a Japanese Rock Singer who actually made his voice actor debut in the anime industry as Yuki Judai (from which he’s been hired in other various roles in anime through the years), and started in a band called The Nab’s, until he went Solo after 2006.

This is actually somewhat of the norm for the brand’s first three series where they hired rock stars/male idols as the leads (with more recent series hiring stage actors.)

We’ll of course keep you informed about any details about Duel Links that come out from the Tokyo Game Show (provided they aren’t word-for-word repeats of the GX World announcement.)


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