[Duel Links] Future Updates

The Event schedule for October-November.

Early October will be another Duel-A-Thon. Early October will also feature Espa Roba’s team event again, with another chance to unlock Espa, as well as obtain a new Skill for him.

Also in early October will be a Jaden event (with this version called “Spunky Jaden”).

Mid October will be another Zane event, with another oppurtunity to unlock him and once again, a new Skil for him.

Late October will feature new Duelist Challenges at the Duel School.

Late October will be the first unlock event for a 5D’s character. The tease seems to indicate its Tetsu Ushio/Trudge, the persistent Sector Security officer.

Finally, November will be another Legendary Duelist event, this time with no indication of an unlock. The tease indicates its The King himself, Jack Atlas.

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