[Duel Links] February 5th 2018 Updates

Unforeseen and unexpected technical difficulties prevented work for the last two weeks on Duel Links, apologizes.

The number of Jewels, Gold and Gate Keys players can get has been increased. Also Skills can no longer be duplicated, so you no longer get converted Gems. The rate of Skills being dropped has been adjusted.

Secondly, a Spring Sale is going on at the Shop where you can get Playmats and Sleeves of:

  • Little Yugi & Joey
  • Mai & Tea
  • Dark Magiciain Girl
  • Morinphen

Also, the Master Gate Key has been released. For 30 minutes after purchasing it, you’ll be able to Duel an unlimited number of Legendary Duelists at the normal Gates for no cost.

A new Card Flip Campaign is underway, and the focus of it is Tackle Crusader.

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