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[Duel Links] Elegant Mai Event

The next event has arrived, and with it, the new drops have been announced.

Ultra Rare:
Venne, Bright Bird of Divinity

Super Rare:
Swift Birdman Joe
Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier
Amazoness Archers
Queen’s Pawn

Harpie Lady 2
Harpie Lady 3
Primal Cry

Amazoness Blowpiper
Tactical Espionage Expert

The event is essentially a redux of the Super Joey event, but with Mai running stronger WIND/Winged Beast versions of her Decks, that run abnormally high amounts of destruction and removal cards.


Beat Elegant Mai 1 Time: Tactical Espionage Exper

Beat Elegant Mai 3 Times: Harpie Lady 2

Beat Elegant Mai 7 Times: Harpie Lady 3

Duel Elegant Mai 15 Times: Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier


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