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[Duel Links] Duelist Chronicles 5Ds: Attack of the Dark Signers

The plot thickens as evil lines from South America attack!

Duelist Chronicles is back as this time following the Dark Signer Arc of the 5Ds anime. Collect Dice Fragments while dueling in duel world so you can form dice to roll and move across a board to complete story missions and obtain Lottery Coins. Complete each zone to obtain a reward such as Gems, Gold, rarity stones or cards such as Stardust Xiaolong or Majestic Red Dragon.

Stardust Xiaolong is obtained by completing round 1 and Majestic Red Dragon is obtained by completing round 4.

Lottery Card List:

Majestic Red Dragon
Majestic Star Dragon
Stardust Xiaolong
Majestic Star Dragon
That Wacky Alchemy!
Synchro Back
Machine Conversion Factory
Dragunity Tribus
Regenerating Mummy
Skull Mariner
Ally Mind
Machine Attack
Ancient Lizard Warrior
Magical Ghost
Karakuri Spider