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[Duel Links] Duel Quest

A new event featuring 8-bit-esque graphics.

After Dueling in Duel Worlds, you will automatically advance through Dungeon floors, opening treasure boxes as you go. There are set gold Treasure Boxes that function as the standard event rewards. Gems, Gold, Booster Items and cards are included. The cards are mostly character Level-Up reward cards that players were unable to have multiple copies of beforehand, though “Sand Moth” is also a featured reward.

While moving through floors, you will also get silver Treasure Boxes, which contain random rewards depending on the floor from the below list. Notably, the lower floors have SR and UR tickets, which can be used on certain previous event rewards cards like “Pyrorex the Elemental Lord”. More floors are unlocked each day.

For today only (November 8th), bonus event points are available and the probability of treasure boxes containing Gems has been increased.

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