[Duel Links] D.D. Tower: Dark Dimension

It’s a battle against classic Dark Monsters in order to obtain the power of the undead Forbidden One.

The main goals of the event are to obtain “Exodia Necross” and Dark Dimension accessories featuring Tour Guide from the Underworld

Since last time:

  • You can now obtain EXP from beating monsters
  • Your LP will not drop to 0 if you lose against the D.D. Invader
  • The Skill of “D.D. Miasma” has been adjusted.
  • The WATER Dimension Pack has been replaced by the EARTH/WIND Dimension Pack.

  • Mini Potions have been added that restore your LP by 1000.

The Event works as such:

Defeat the Guards on each floor.

Defeat the Guards on an entire floor to obtain Rewards.

Damage in the D.D. Tower carries over between Duels due to the rules of this place.

Even if your LP exceed 4000 at the end of a Duel, your LP remains 4000 at the start of the next Duel.

LP doesn’t restore between Duels if you’ve already defeated a monster.

If you lose, Draw or Surrender or Quit a Duel, your LP becomes 0.

Use the D.D. Orbs obtained from Duel Missions to obtain prizes from the D.D. Box, such as Cards, Potions and Gold.

The ultimate Goal of the event is to beat all 40 Floors and obtain both copies of “Exodia Necross”, though the last 10 Floors force you to deal with the Skill “D.D. Miasma” which damages you every turn.

You’ll have to deal with random challengers called the “D.D. Invader” which are D.D. Trainer and recurring boss characters from other Tower Dimensions.

Collect D.D. Orbs by completing Duel Missions (i.e. fulfilling specific objectives in Duels such as using certain cards)

Use them to purchase prizes from the D.D. Box, a lottery prize system.

Resetting the D.D. Box when it has 9 or less Items increases chances to gain shinier versions of cards.

The main prize card is Exodia Necross. Other generic DARK monsters can be obtained as well.

By beating 30% of all missions, you can get Sleeves.

60% means the Game Mat.

100% means Tour Guide form the Underworld

The main idea is to use “Exodia Necross” in a Deck that works with “Grandpa’s Cards”, using cards sch as “White Elephant’s Gift”.

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