[Duel Links] Cyberdark Impact! Zane Truesdale Strikes (2)

The Zane event is back with some new rewards.

The event follows the standard format. Duel to get event items (Genex Medals) which can be spent to Duel Zane at the event Gate. This accumulates event points, which net you items including cards, Gems, Gold, Jewels and Booster Items. At certain event point intervals, Zane will appear to challenge you to Underworld Duels – where you lose should you take damage on three occasions.

In addition to the opportunity to unlock Zane, he gets a new Skill as an Event Reward as well.

“Cyberdarkness Dragon”, “Cyberdark Cannon” and “Cyberdark Claw” are now available as both drops and event point awards. . There is no Card Trader EX this time around. The Event Mission rewards this time are all Gems.

Zane’s drops for the event:
(UR) “Cyberdarkness Dragon”, “Cyberdark Dragon”
(SR) “Cyberdark Horn”, “Cyberdark Edge”, “Cybrdark Keel”, “Cybderdark Cannon”, “Cyberdark Claw”, “Cyberdark Impact!”
(R) “Proto-Cyber Dragon”, “Cyber Kirin”, “Cybernetic Zone”, “Ruthless Denial”, “Damage Polarizer”
(N) “Lizard Soldier”, “Cyber Ouroboros”

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