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[Duel Links] Card Flipper Campaign and Ranked Duels Rewards

A new Card Flipper campaign is active, with the featured reward being “Nomadic Force”. Ranked Duels have also been updated with more cards that can be traded for tickets.

The Card Flipper campaign will run until September 11th, with Duelists being able to obtain one reward a day until they get them all. The rewards are:

500 Gold
2000 Gold
5000 Gold
10 Gems
20 Gems
50 Gems
5 Duel Orbs
1 copy of “Nomadic Force”
1 copy of “Dark Magic Attack”

More cards have been added to Ranked Duels Rewards as the season resets – The UR “Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry”, the SR “Spellbreaker of the Ice Barrier” and the R “Wind Effigy”.

Finally, a Skill List has been added to the Card Studio, which includes how to get each Skill for each character.


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