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[Duel Links] Balance Update October 2020

With Zexal comes brand new balancing to fix this game!


Restart – Changed to requiring 7+ spell and traps in your deck .

Switcheroo – Changed to every 1500 Life Points from 1000 Life Points.

Bandit – Changed to every 1500 Life points from 1000 Life Points.

Shadow Games – Changed to both players lose 100 Life Points equal to number of cards in their graveyard up to a max of 400 and players with less than 1000 Life Points are unaffected.

Access Denied – Changed to on the fifth turn onwards nether player can Summon an effect or active effects of their monsters until your opponents next End Phase. Once per Duel.

Ojama Overflow – Changed to when your life points are 500 or less play as many ojama tokens as possible to your opponents side of the field.

Show of Nightmares – Changed to when you have 3 spells or more spells in your graveyard add one random spell from your deck to your hand and than return one card from your hand to your deck can be used once per duel.

Moth to Flame – Changed to double the speed counters for Petit Moth equipped with Cocoon of Evolution and if you control a Petit Moth equipped with Cocoon of Evolution add Large Moth Great Moth and Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth to your hand.

Afterlife Lockdown – Changed to while you control a cubic monster when your opponents monster is destroyed by battle return them to deck. This can be used once per turn and twice per duel.

Red-Eyes Fusion – Changed to when your Life Points are 2400 or Less return one Red-Eyes card from your hand to deck or one Red-Eyes Black Dragon from your graveyard to your deck and add one Red-Eyes Fusion to your hand. Can be used once per duel.

Forbidden Limited List:


Cyber Stein – Ojama King Ftk(Yes this is a thing in low ranked with high Life Point Gain)

That Grass Looks Greener – Lightsworns and Witchcraft abuses to setup grave

Limited to 1:
Star Blast – Allows people to abuse skills that require Life Point loss

Needlebug Nest – Same as That Grass Looks Greener

Revival Gift – Limited to prevent summoning tokens to opponents field and inhibiting their ability to play

Limited to 2:
Gold Sarcophagus – Limited to prevent allow multiple copies with Charge of the Light Brigade

Charge of the Light Brigade – tighten limitations to give metagame more diversity

Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninshi”- Limited to prevent Karakuri decks from a generic limited 2 card

Keeper of Dragon Magic – Limited so can’t be played along with multiple limited 2 cards

Blackbird Close – Powerful counter trap and difficult to play around that can be activated from hand

Witchcrafter Holiday – Limited so multiple copies couldn’t be played with Charge of the Light Brigade

Limited to 3:
Aleister the Invoked – Limited because too many high win rate decks used this card

No Longer Limited:

Thunder Dragondark – Changed due to limiting of Charge of the Light Brigade

ElementalSaber Melo – Changed because power level of game allowed it to be unlimited

Forbidden Limited List: