[Duel Links] Arkana at the Gate

The self proclaimed Master of Magicians returns as an unlockable Gate character.

Arkana specializes in Spellcaster related Skills for recovering Spells or adding Dark Magician support cards from outside the game to your hand.

Arkana’s ace monster is the alternate “Red” art of Dark Magician.

Of significant note, he drops Anti-Magic Arrows, a card practically necessary for many “farming” Decks used to gain maximum rewards from Legendary Duelists.

To Unlock Arkana, you need to do the following:

  • You need to use Yami Yugi, Duel Arkana at Level 30 and summon Dark Magician twice.
  • You need to use Yami Yugi, Duel Arkana at Level 30 and reduce his LP to 0 with Dark Magician Girl
  • You need to win against Arkana at Level 30 with 1000 or less LP in a Duel, using Yami Yugi.
  • Use 4 Spell Cards in 1 Duel World (DM) Duel.
  • Win 3 Duels in Duel World (DM), using only Spellcaster Monsters.
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