[Duel Links] 5D’s World Unlock and Misc Info

How to unlock 5D’s World and other basic info.

5D’s World is unlocked upon unlocking Yusei Fudo. His unlock mission is to Summon WIND monsters ten times. Doing so also gets you 10 Gems a copy of “Junkuriboh”.

Lore-wise, this takes place after 5D’s. They heavily tease a future event featuring Jack. Yusei’s starting Skill puts a copy of “Stardust Dragon” in his Extra Deck. For the Duel World design, the Card Studio screen is based on Satellite, the Gate screen on the monument built after the Dark Signer arc, the PVP screen on a Dueling Arena and the Shop screen on the Poppo Time shop where Team 5D’s lived.

Standard Duelist Decks have also been updated to include themes such as “Vampire” and “Batteryman”, but some of the older Decks are still in rotation as well at Level 57. The 5D’s World specific Standard Duelists use the 5D’s-era Duel Academy uniforms for the female Duelists, with there also being two male Duelists, one with a generic Biker design and the other with a riding suit design.

A 1.5 Exp event has also started, as well as a third round of Train-Your-Own-Kuriboh. SR and UR Tickets are also being given out daily for a few days in celebration of the release. A number of cards have also been moved over to the Card Trader’s regular inventory.

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