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[Duel Links] 5D’s World Character Unlocks

The unlock info for the five starting characters.

Quick note: Characters in 5D’s World currently have a maximum Level of 30.

There are two things to note here: What prompts the Unlock Missions to appear and then said Unlock Missions.

For Yusei, you must reach Level 10 in DM World. Then his Unlock Missions appear, which also unlock 5D’s World. You must Summon 10 WIND monsters.

For Akiza, you must reach Stage 6 in 5D’s World. This prompts her Unlock Missions, of which there are three. You must win 1 Duel against Level 20 Akiza while playing as Yusei. You must also Summon Plant-Type monsters five times. Finally, you must perform 3 Synchro Summons.

For Leo, you must reach Stage 11 in 5D’s World. His unlock missions are to Achieve a Quick Victory against Leo using Yusei, use 3 Equip Spell Cards in 5D’s World and collect 5 Machine-Type monsters.

For Luna, you must play 100 Duels as Leo. Her Unlock Missions are to Duel Level 30 Luna three times while playing as Leo, each time performing at least one Synchro Summon. You must also summon at least 3 level 3 or lower monsters in a single Duel against her.

The oddball here (akin to Bastion from GX World) is Crow. One of the 5D’s World Standard Duelists is Sector Security. Beating him with a Duel Assessment score of at least 5000 prompts Crow’s Unlock Missions, of which there are three. You must win three Duels against Level 30 Crow while playing as Yusei. You must also win any three Duels in 5D’s World using only Winged-Beast Type monsters. Finally, you must inflict 30,000 or more points of effect damage in 5D’s World.

The interactable objects that sometimes give Gems in Duel World (5D’s) are slightly different. The trash can by the Card Studio is now Yusei’s toolbox. The fountain is a some sort of….light….fountain.


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