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[Duel Arena] Beta Test Ends, Tentative Release Date Set w/ Launch Promotion

Konami’s official simulator has ended its beta test. However, there’s more to consider: it’s going to go live soon…

Currently, they hope to launch the simulator on June 26 UTC – but many of our readers may not know what UTC is: UTC is a time zone used to coordinate clocks worldwide, as the successor to the earlier GMT.

So, if it launches precisely at 12:00 AM UTC on June 26, that’d mean it would launch precisely at 8:00 PM EDT on June 25.

Once all the data from the Open Beta is erased, players will be given a 40 card deck of their own with which they may start playing, so that they don’t have to depend on Partner Rental Decks all the time.

New partners and booster packs will be available, and Miniclip Credits will be usable in-game as well.

There will also be a 2-week-long celebration post-launch: during the celebration, new accounts will receive an additional 10 cards along with the 40 card starting deck, and daily bonuses will be doubled.


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