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[Duel Links] Duel World DSOD

New Duel World “Dark Side of Dimensions” is now in Duel Links, with new Duelists, Skills, Decks and Cards added, and a release celebration campaign.

Duel World (DSOD) Release Celebration Campaign

Available until November 30 2019.

Login-in Bonus

Obtain special gifts by logging in during the DSOD World  Release Celebration Campaign.

*You need Skill Chips to obtain Skills from the Skill Lottery, which is available at the Trader. You can randomly obtain a Skill that your active character has not yet obtained.

Bonus Stamps

Log in to receive a stamp, and obtain an SR or UR Ticket.

Use this opportunity to obtain the UR Dream Ticket, a special Card Ticket that can be traded for a UR card from the 1st – 20th Box, a UR card from a Structure Deck/Structure Deck EX, or a UR card from the event.

How to unlock Duel World (DSOD)

1. Reach Stage 7 or above to make the Character Unlock Missions for “???” to appear. Yami Yugi (DSOD Unlock Mission) will also appear in Duel World (DM).

2. You can complete the Character Unlock Mission by defeating him.

3. Duel World (DSOD) will be unlocked after receiving the reward.

On unlocking Duel World (DSOD), Seto Kaiba (DSOD) and Kaiba (DSOD)’s Deck are also unlocked.

Raise your Stage Level to obtain other new characters such as Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD), and check the updated Summoning Animations for “Dark Magician” and “Blue Eyes-White Dragon”.