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[GO RUSH] Two More Characters Revealed!

Where there are aliens, there are MIB.

Sougetsu Manabu (Sogetsu Manabu)
Voice Actor: Unrevealed

Crackdown on troublesome aliens!

A member of MIK, i.e. “The Organization For Monitoring Interstellar Kriminals”(*). He cracks down on aliens which come to Earth without proper authorization. He makes his rounds every day with his partner Nyandestar.

*(Meiwaku Iseijin Kanshi Kikou: MIK, lit. Troublesome Alien Observation Organization)

Voice Actor: Unrevealed

The kitty of a thousand mysteries!

A cat whose charm point is the star on their head, they work with Sogetsu Manabu. They find aliens hiding about with their shining eyes!


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