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[BODE-TCG] Upgrades to Various Themes!

Day 2 is here!

BODE-EN036 – Borreload Riot Dragon (Ultra Rare)

BODE-EN052 – Heavy Interlock (Common OR Super Rare)

BODE-EN051 – Evil★Twin’s Trouble Sunny (Ultra Rare)

BODE-EN045 – Zoroa, the Magistus Conflagrant Calamity (Secret Rare)

BODE-EN028 – Machina Ruinforce (Ultra Rare)

BODE-EN039 – Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer (Secret Rare)

BODE-EN038 – Masquerade the Blazing Dragon (Ultra Rare)

BODE-EN011 – Ad Libitum of Despia (Common OR Super Rare)

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