[SBD7] Full Decklist!

*marching bgm* “Full decklist, kakunin!”

RD/SBD7-JP001 – Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm [L] x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP002 – Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP003 – Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm [R] x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP004 – Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP005 – Shield Boring Kong x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP006 – Mega Elephant the Mobile Beast Cavalry x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP007 – Phantom Dove Night Vision x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP008 – Bigrollan the Mythic Sword Void Soldier x3 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP009 – Covered Hippo x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP010 – Mixah the Mythic Sword Brawler x1 (New)

RD/SBD7-JP011 – Coiled Dragon of Destruction x1 (New)

RD/SBD7-JP012 – Coiled Dragon of Fertility x3 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP013 – Shovelong the Mythic Sword Warrior x2 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP014 – Bombird x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP015 – Tyhone x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP016 – Bull Breaker x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP017 – Draftannium the Mythic Sword Engineer x1 (New)

RD/SBD7-JP018 – Pickelong the Mythic Sword Fairy x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP019 – Drizard the Mythic Sword Soldier x3 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP020 – Shovel Crusher x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP021 – Barrier Armadillo x1 (New)

RD/SBD7-JP022 – Kamikaze Blade x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP023 – Mythic Sword Swordsmith x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP024 – Ancient Telescope x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP025 – Darkness Approaches x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP026 – The Snow-Capped Summit of Spectral Shangri-La x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP027 – Verdant Vegetation of Spectral Shangri-La x1 (New)

RD/SBD7-JP028 – Crazy and Complicit x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP029 – Mythic Sword Surprise Attack x2 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP030 – Mythic Sword Blockade x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP031 – Mythic Sword Return x1 (Reprint)

RD/SBD7-JP032 – Mystery Handcuffs x1 (New)



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