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[Deck Recipes] December 27th, 2022

A new generation High Dragon Deck for Rush Duel and Orgoth the Relentless does Chess.

[RUSH DUEL] High Dragon Deck Featuring “Double Twin Dragon”

3 Double Twin Dragon
3 Multistrike Dragon Dragias
1 Illusion Strike Dragon
1 Steel Strike Dragon Metagias
1 Nullstrike Dragon Zerogias
1 Cladsoul Dragon Gygias
1 H.D.D. – Hundred Divine Dragon
3 The Dragon
2 Fortitude Dragon
3 Sportsdragon Pitcher
3 Sportsdragon Slugger
3 Phoenix Dragon

3 Fusion
3 Star Restart
3 Ship of Seven Treasures
3 Dragon’s Inferno
1 Graceful Charity

2 Dragon’s Fortitude

3 Hyperstrike Dragon Dragiastar F
3 Fantasia Strike Dragon Miragiastar F
3 Sturdy Strike Dragon Metagistar F
3 Void Strike Dragon Zerogygias

New Product Deck: “Orgoth the Relentless” Deck Featuring “Additional Mirror Level 7”

3 Orgoth the Relentless
3 Puppet King
1 Puppet Queen
2 Puppet Pawn
3 Vernusylph of the Flourishing Hills
3 Vernusylph of the Awakening Forests
3 Vernusylph of the Thawing Mountains
1 Rookie Warrior Lady
1 Dinowrestler Pankratops

3 Additional Mirror Level 7
3 Dimension Dice
3 Dice Dungeon
3 Promotion
3 Pot of Extravagance
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Terraforming
1 Monster Reborn

2 That Six

3 Number 74: Master of Blades
3 Infinitrack Mountain Smasher
3 Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable
2 I:P Masquerena
2 Gouki The Powerload Ogre
2 Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax

Instructor Event Decks:

“Cyber Angel” Deck

“Fleur” Deck

“Performapal” Deck Featuring “Performapal Radish Horse”

“Ninja” Deck

“Beetrooper” Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Omega Psychic Deck

“Evil★Twin” Deck

“Kozmo” Deck

“Magician” Deck

“Metalfoes” + “Dracoslayer” Deck

“Invoked” + “Sky Striker” Deck

“Dinomorphia” Deck

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