Play Your Opponent’s Final Note with “Plectclive the Dynamauve Deadly Dirge”! [RD/KP15]

Her music will call her allies back from the great beyond. Or maybe it’s just the basement where they’re playing penuckle.

RD/KP15-JP043 旋紫斬奏のプレクトクライブ Senshi Zansou no Plectclive (Plectclive the Dynamauve Deadly Dirge)
Level 9 WIND Psychic Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 2100
Materials: “Plectcrime the Deadly Dirge” + “Fiddlebadour”
[REQUIREMENT] Reveal up to 2 Spell Cards in the hand to your opponent.
[EFFECT] Choose a Level 8 or lower WIND Psychic monster() in your GY up to [The number of cards revealed for this effect’s requirement] and Special Summon them to your field face-up.

Note: 旋紫 is a combination of Spiral or Revolution + Purple, so we went with Dynamo (a spinning generator) plus mauve, a shade of purple. I guess you could also go with Drillavender. Basically a spinning thing + purple portmanteau works here.

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4 thoughts on “Play Your Opponent’s Final Note with “Plectclive the Dynamauve Deadly Dirge”! [RD/KP15]

  • October 28, 2023 at 6:46 am

    R.I.P Space Yggdraco and Voidvelger fusion

    • October 28, 2023 at 11:45 am

      It was obvious that they weren’t going to come in this package (along with Voidvelgr Chaosmachia and Jointech Tridynabase)

      However, it’s funny to think that Voidarve is going to have two Fusion Monsters for the Deck, but it hasn’t been a Deck considered for printing as of yet.

  • October 28, 2023 at 11:43 am

    Ok, I didn’t expect Rovian to have a third Fusion Monster in this pack (in fact, I’m surprised that Yuamu only has one Fusion Monster in this pack when Rovian has three Fusion Monsters). The funniest thing is that this Fusion Monster is linked to a Boss Monster from Manga’s Rovian.

    Either way, a pretty good Effect, but I find it funny that Konami gives everything to Rovian’s Deck except the element that would make the Deck playable or more consistent: Equip Spells.

    And well… something that tells me that we won’t have Mitsuko’s cards in this pack (unless JP049 is a Fusion Monster or we don’t have the Fusion Monster)

  • October 28, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    I am so glad Plectcrime is getting some love especially as it is only in the manga thus far. I am also glad Fiddlebadour is a common material for this Fusion as well, as she on her own can retrieve either an Equip Spell or Psyquip Fusion.
    Anyway, between both materials and Psyquip Fusion, you are almost certainly going to have at least 2 Equip Spells in your hand by the time you will activate Plectclive’s effect.

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