[DBTM] Vague details about the third theme

For your speculative needs.

Some minor details about each theme in Deck Build Pack: Tactical Masters have been revealed by a promotional poster. The theme for which we still know nothing about reads:

Is this beautiful castle riddled with traps?
The princess’ tricks are always perfect!
“Shirogane no Shiro no Labrynth / Labrynth of the Silver Castle”

Full poster:

The comment about the set in general:

“Put your ingenuity to the test and clear (the game)!” (Kouryaku is generally just conquering, but it’s used in game strategy guides for clearing the game or a given challenge)


“Challenge the mysteries of the world with runes! (as a reminder, the theme’s name is a pun on “mysteries”)
“Spring of the Mysterune”


“Stand in formation, o warriors!
Advance through the battlefield with that courage!!”
“Valiants Assemble – Mamonaka”

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