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[DBIC] Evil Eye story / Notes on Witchcraft and Infinite Ignition

A race for who can be the edgiest boi.

“Evil Eye Story”
Those who have fallen under the spell of the all-consuming Evil Eye~
Serziel and Medusa clash over the Evil Eye of Selene, which is said to grant great power!
Serziel overloads the Evil Eye of Selene during their battle, and thus is reborn as Zerachiel, who plots to take over the world!

A Spellcaster-Type theme that manipulates large numbers of Spell Cards.
(Note on Schmitta): A theme that battles choosing whether to use the Spell Cards in your hand to activate Monster Effects or activate the Spell Cards themselves.

A heavy machinery theme that overwhelms the opponent by gathering Xyz Materials.
(Note on Riverstorm): Can take the monsters that are destroyed in battle as Xyz Materials, and use them as the cost to activate its effect. A theme focused on destructive power

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