Dark Side of Dimensions Trailer 2 and Story

So I heard you like Millennium Puzzles…

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By completing the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi Muto awoke another personality inside himself, called “Yami Yugi”. Along with Seto Kaiba, the president of Kaiba Corporation, reigned as the pinnacle of Duelists, and their various friends and allies, both Yugis fought in many battles tied to the ancient past. Ultimately Yugi and Yami Yugi were forced to fight against one another, and in the end they bid farewell to one another as they walked their own separate paths… … …

Then, after their final Duel with Yami Yugi, Yugi and his friends returned to their normal lives.

But then a mysterious boy named “Aigami” appears before them.

As a series of cases of people disappearing happen one after another across the entire planet.

And Kaiba single-mindedly searches for the Millennium Puzzle.

When all the pieces of the puzzle are reunited, the Duels shall begin again!


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