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[OCG] Duelist Pack – Duelists of Gloom

It’s the end of the LEDU Era it looks like

Duelist Pack is getting renewed with a new format! This time, the pack will contain cards used by 3 Duelists from the anime and manga who use DARK monsters. It will include new cards for these Duelists as well as reprints of versatile generic cards to help you build their Decks.

-Release Date: May 16th 2020
-Each pack will have 5 cards and each box will have 15 packs

Also 3 new kinds of sleeves will also be released on the same day:
-Duelist Card Protector OCG 2020
-Duelist Card Protector Black 2020
-Duelist Card Protector Gloom

Note: The “Gloom” here is specifically a kind of gloom or shadow heavily associated with the gloom, shadow and darkness of the underworld in various classic mythologies. A really dreary deep darkness.


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