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We’ll be updating this post as more info comes out, stay tuned. Edit: The Final Exclusive confirmed

As the leaks are from Spanish speaking countries this time, please bear in mind none of the english names are confirmed.


CYHO-EN034 Borrelsword Dragon
CYHO-EN045 Mekk-Knight of The Morning Star
CYHO-EN059 Cyber Revsystem
CYHO-EN064 Celestial Sextant
CYHO-EN067 Seer’s Bankbook
CYHO-EN081 Pinpoint Landing
CYHO-EN082 Danger! Bigfoot!
CYHO-EN083 Danger! Nessie!

CYHO-EN026 Cyberse Magician
CYHO-EN046 Cyber Dragon Sieger
CYHO-EN044 Archlord Palladion
CYHO-EN084 Danger! Chupacabra!
CYHO-EN085 Danger!? Jackalope?
CYHO-EN086 Realm Of Danger!
CYHO-EN087 Danger! Zone
CYHO-EN089 Sacred Noble Knight Of King Custennin

CYHO-EN021 Zirdras, the Magicrystal Dragon
CYHO-EN047 Sky Striker Ace – Hayate
CYHO-EN054 Reunite Palladion
CYHO-EN069 Mirror Force Launcher
CYHO-EN088 Noble Knight Custennin

CYHO-EN012 Deviritual Candoll
CYHO-EN013 Deviritual Talismandra
CYHO-EN099 Gladiator Beast Dragacius

CYHO-EN092 Divine Serpent Geh
CYHO-EN094 Performapal Le-Belleman

Pinpoint Landing
Continuous Spell Card
If exactly 1 monster is Special Summoned, from the hand to your side of the field: you can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of “Precise Landing” once per turn. During the End Phase, if you did not draw a card by this effect during this turn, send this card to the Graveyard.

Unconfirmed Import List
092 Divine Serpent Geh
093 Performapal Handsamuraiger
094 Performapal Lebellman
095 Performapal Gold Fang
096 White Stingray
097 Interrupt Resistor
098 Link Disciple
099 Gladiator Beast Dragacius

name confirmation
CYHO-EN030 Demise, Supreme King Of Armageddon
CYHO-EN014 Cyber Dragon Vier


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