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Monster Art Box

A new 20th Anniversary product for Japan announced!

Monster Art Box confirmed for print

The box contains 3 commemorative books, and the total book and box size is about 80 millimeters

The books together will total over 800 pages worth of content

The first book “Kazuki Takahashi Art Works” covers artworks and the like drawn by Kazuki Takahashi, including “Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon” and artwork from his Instagram account!

The 2nd book “Monster Art Works” features large size illustrations of popular hit monsters and themes and reference artwork by the artists.

The 3rd Book “Card Art Collection” contains over 9600 Card Artworks from every product from “Volume 1” to “20th Anniversary Legend Collection”

And to top it off, the set comes with “Shin Exodia” (The Legendary Exodia or True Exodia), a Level 1 DARK monster that’s a chibi artwork of Exodia drawn by Kazuki-sensei!

Price and Release Date are not referenced in the pictures shown.

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