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[V Jump] Savage Strike Rarities

Just confirmation from V Jump

Cyberse Quantum Dragon is an Ultra Rare

Borreload Savage Dragon is an Ultra Rare

Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf is a Super Rare

Go! Link Summon! C’mon! “Tech Genus Trident Launcher!”

T.G. Trident Launcher is an Ultra Rare

T.G. Screw Serpent is a Rare

Pot of Indulgence is a Super Rare

Dark Factory of Increased Production is a Rare

Witch’s Strike is a Common

Shiranui Sensei is a Common

Shiranui Spearitualist is a Common

Shiranui Spiritsaga is a Common

Shiranui Splendidsaga is an Ultra Rare

Shiranui Saga Story is a Rare

Shiranui Style Skill is a Common


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