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[FUEN] Fusion Enforcers Checklist

The Aleister Theme’s names seem edited just enough to obscure things here and there but still let you know it’s named after a proto-counter-cultural occultist. Also: Lots of Supers of stuff people want (and probably didn’t want reprinted at the same rarity)

FUEN-EN001 Predaplant Sarraceniant (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN002 Predaplant Drosophyllum Hydra (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN003 Predaplant Pterapenthes (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN004 Predaplant Spinodionaea (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN005 Predaplant Chlamydosundew (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN006 Predaplant Flytrap (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN007 Predaplant Moray Nepenthes (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN008 Predaplant Squid Drosera (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN009 Predaplant Chimerafflesia (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN010 Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN011 Predaponics (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN012 Predapruning (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN013 Predaplanet (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN014 Fluffal Octopus (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN015 Fluffal Penguin (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN016 Fluffal Dog (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN017 Fluffal Owl (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN018 Edge Imp Sabres (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN019 Edge Imp Chain (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN020 Frightfur Kraken (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN021 Frightfur Wolf (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN022 Frightfur Tiger (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN023 Frightfur Sheep (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN024 Toy Vendor (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN025 Frightfur Fusion (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN026 Aleister the Invoker (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN027 Invoked Caliga (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN028 Invoked Raidjin (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN029 Invoked Cocytus (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN030 Invoked Purgatrio (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN031 Invoked Magellanica (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN032 Invoked Mechaba (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN033 Invoked Elysium (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN034 Magical Meltdown (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN035 Invocation (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN036 The Book of the Law (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN037 Omega Summon (Secret Rare)
FUEN-EN038 Summoner of Illusions (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN039 Summoner Monk (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN040 King of the Swamp (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN041 Fusion Substitute (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN042 Instant Fusion (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN043 Fusion Recovery (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN044 Phoenix Wing Wing Blast (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN045 Homunculus the Alchemic Being (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN046 Lonefire Blossom (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN047 Elemental HERO Prisma (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN048 Performapal Trump Witch (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN049 Polymerization (Alternate Art) (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN050 Fusion Gate (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN051 Re-Fusion (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN052 Branch! (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN053 Miracle Fertilizer (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN054 Mark of the Rose (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN055 Super Solar Nutrient (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN056 Battle Fusion (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN057 Fusion Conscription (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN058 Paradox Fusion (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN059 Grisaille Prison (Super Rare)
FUEN-EN060 Fusion Reserve (Super Rare)


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