CDP: Traptrix Garden, Refined for Competitive Play, ft. Wipeout Trap Hole

Traptrip on the tip of a twisted tongue?


Strategic Summary:

Welcome to today’s CDP, this time taking a competitive-play minded approach to a theme that’s beginning to break into the meta. The Traptrix archetype consists of EARTH Insects and Plants that go hand-in-hand with the Trap Hole archetype of Normal Traps. If you’ve missed my prior version of this deck when the Structure Deck was first revealed, be sure to check that out here. Since that last approach, I’ve focused on improving the consistency, giving the deck a stronger ‘going 2nd’ chance at winning, and refined the Trap lineup a bit.

Let’s start with the ‘going 2nd’ point, as that’s where Book of Eclipse comes in, as well as maximizing the extenders available to the theme. The Traptrix theme really wants to get out Traptrix Sera as soon as possible, then from there, proc both of her effects to begin gaining free card advantage. To accomplish this, I’ve boosted Traptrix Pudica up to 3 copies, as Normal Summoning her gives you Traptrip Garden, which allows you to extend with an additional Traptrix Normal Summon. Add that to Traptrix Arachnocampa, Traptrix Holeutea, Traptrix Vesiculo, and The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine, and you have plenty of ways to keep the summons going. This also bolsters the consistency of the deck, as even if your initial play might be disrupted, you can still turn the duel into your favor through additional summons. I’ve also removed some of the more ‘hope to win harder with cool combos’, such as my initial decision to include Parallel eXceed. While that’s definitely still a great option for the deck, it doesn’t quite meet that consistency standard I was shooting for.

That brings us to my final point, the Trap Cards. I’ve intentionally narrowed down the pool to the cards that can disrupt decks at the right moment, whether it is Bottomless Trap Hole to banish a boss monster or the new Wipeout Trap Hole (YGOrg Translation) to banish a key combo piece. If they would summon something from the hand or Extra Deck, that’s where Time-Space Trap Hole comes in, or if they summon from the Main Deck, Network Trap Hole is waiting. And Terrifying Trap Hole Nightmare gives you the flexibility to activate a Trap Hole when you need during the turn, rather than just responding to a summon. But the most important of all to me is Gravedigger’s Trap Hole, as this combines disruption with burn damage, getting you that much closer to winning a duel, especially if your match would go into time. Hopefully you enjoy my competitive take on the Traptrix, but I’d definitely love to hear your comments below on how to further optimize the build!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 15
|| Traptrix Dionaea
||| Traptrix Myrmeleo
|| Traptrix Mantis
| Traptrix Vesiculo
||| Traptrix Arachnocampa
| Traptrix Genlisea
||| Traptrix Pudica

Spells: 5
||| Book of Eclipse
|| Traptrip Garden

Traps: 20
| Time-Space Trap Hole
||| Infinite Impermanence
| Bottomless Trap Hole
||| Gravedigger’s Trap Hole
|| Witch’s Strike
||| Traptrix Holeutea
|| Terrifying Trap Hole Nightmare
| Network Trap Hole
||| The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine
| Wipeout Trap Hole

Extra Deck:
| Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
| Traptrix Pinguicula
|| Traptrix Allomerus
| Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir
| Abyss Dweller
| Traptrix Rafflesia
| Traptrix Atypus
| Knightmare Phoenix
|| Traptrix Cularia
| Knightmare Cerberus
||| Traptrix Sera


Note: This is continuing the style of Creative Deck Profile articles, designed to showcase a build through replays and an attached summary. If you wish to see a CDP for an archetype, theme, or strategy you love, feel free to private message me on the YGOrg Discord server, the comments section of any of my YouTube videos, or just post a comment in response to this article on our Facebook page or through the site with your ideas for me to keep under consideration! On most YGO-related communities my username is Quincymccoy, so feel free to reach out. Current pending requested profiles include: Gunkan, Vanquish Soul, Madolche, Battlin’ Boxer, Volcanic

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One thought on “CDP: Traptrix Garden, Refined for Competitive Play, ft. Wipeout Trap Hole

  • April 15, 2023 at 9:19 am

    So, like. No. You don’t need Vesiculo or Genislea, or Shade Brigandine. Cut Garden to 1 as well. Cut Phoenix for a second Pinguicula, and Cerberus for another Rafflesia. You lose to Nibiru in this deck, so the sooner you get to Raff for Gravedigger’s, the better.

    If you’re gonna frame something as competitive, please do an ounce of research.

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