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Creative Deck Profile: Episode II: Attack of the Rokket Kozmo

A long time ago in a Kansas far, far away.…


Cinematic Strategic Summary:

The galaxy has been shaken. The EMPIRE may have shifted their attention away from the Kozmo World Premiere theme, but the REBEL ALLIANCE still believes there are more fun ways to use the archetype. These few believers faced an uphill battle, taking Emergency Teleport Back to the Front and awaiting the Storm Dragon’s Return.

However, a new concept has Quick Launch-ed into our hearts – the ROKKET archetype. With Rokket Caliber summoning Kozmo Dark Destroyer or Kozmo Dark Eclipser from your hand, your fleet has never been so consistently deployed every last Kozmo. A thousand planets away, Kozmotown shimmers in the distance with a new hope of being destroyed by Borreload Riot Dragon, and Rokket Recharger aims to revive and fuel the revenge of your ships.

Kozmo Strawman and Kozmo Tincan shall awaken to be your companions, but trust in Kozmojo, and even Kozmo Dark Lady won’t stand in your way. That is, for any average Farmgirl can look to the stars to harness Kozmic power once again.

(If you want to check out my prior iteration of Kozmo, see that here.)

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 21
| Kozmo Dark Eclipser
||| Kozmo Dark Destroyer
| Absorouter Dragon
|| Kozmo Sliprider
| Kozmo Dark Lady
| Silverrokket Dragon
|| Rokket Caliber
|| Rokket Tracer
| Rokket Recharger
| Kozmo Farmgirl
|| Kozmo Strawman
||| Kozmo Tincan
| Borreload Riot Dragon

Spells: 13
| Terraforming
| Foolish Burial
||| Quick Launch
||| Emergency Teleport
| Boot Sector Launch
| Dragon Ravine
||| Kozmotown

Traps: 6
||| Back to the Front
|| Storm Dragon’s Return
| Kozmojo

| Virtual World Kyubi – Shenshen
| Borreload Savage Dragon
| Dark Dimension Soldier
| Borrelend Dragon
| Unchained Abomination
| Topologic Zeroboros
| Borrelsword Dragon
| Borrelcode Dragon
| Triple Burst Dragon
| Dragunity Knight – Romulus
| Quadborrel Dragon
| I:P Masquerena
| Guardragon Pisty
| Striker Dragon
| Relinquished Anima


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