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Creative Deck Profile: Galley Gunkan Suship, ft. Piercing the Darkness

Assemble the flotilla and eat more sushi, then leave a positive review!


Strategic Summary:

Welcome to your new role as Admiral over the Suship fleet! This navy serves only the finest Xyz monsters, should you command the right ships into position. Take for instance Gunkan Suship Uni-Class Superdreadnought (YGOrg Translation), this is your biggest ship clocking it at Rank 5. It can strike your opponent directly if you use Gunkan Suship Uni (YGOrg Translation) as material, but even if you don’t, it can negate the effects of your opponent’s cards! Gunkan Suship Ikura-Class Dreadnought was the first ship added to your fleet, having the ability to destroy your opponent’s cards with ease, plus it can even attack twice when loaded with Gunkan Suship Ikura! And your third option is Gunkan Suship Shirauo-Class Carrier (YGOrg Translation), which searches a Gunkan S/T when made with Gunkan Suship Shirauo (YGOrg Translation)!

Whichever boat you choose as your primary vessel, you will be relying on the all-important base of Gunkan Suship Shari, the walking Yelp review incarnate. This Normal monster interacts with all of your other Gunkan Suship monsters, and if used as a material for any of your Xyz warships, you get to draw a card! Since it is a Normal monster, you also can employ other means of gaining further card advantage. For example, look to the new Piercing the Darkness spell, which also lets you draw a card when you summon Shari, Supernatural Danger Zone (YGOrg Translation), which lets you destroy cards when you summon Shari, or Dark Factory of Mass Production, recovering two Shari back to hand! Deploy your vessels strategically to win this game of Battleship with the Gunkan Suships!

Note: Many of these monsters had their TCG nomenclature revealed after initial YGOrg translations, so the card names above are an updated guess at what they will be when released to the TCG.

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 16
| Zombino
||| Gunkan Suship Shari
||| Gunkan Suship Uni
||| Gunkan Suship Ikura
||| Gunkan Suship Shirauo
||| Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Spells: 21
||| Unexpected Dai
| Upstart Goblin
| Terraforming
| Monster Reborn
||| Dark Factory of Mass Production
||| Swing of Memories
|| Forbidden Droplet
| Supernatural Danger Zone
||| Piercing the Darkness
||| Gunkan Sushipyard Seaside Supper Spot

Traps: 3
||| Gunkan Suship Daily Special

||| Gunkan Suship Uni-Class Superdreadnought
||| Gunkan Suship Ikura-Class Dreadnought
|| Gunkan Suship Shirauo-Class Carrier
|| Gagagaga Magician
| Number F0: Utopic Draco Future
| Number F0: Utopic Future
| Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops
| Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze
| Bujinki Ahashima


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