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VJump News – YCS Japan Duelist Set Merchandise

Merchandise you can buy at YCS Japan has been revealed!

On sale at YCS Japan are 2 Duelist Sets. Attendees are allowed to purchase 2 sets total, costing 3000 yen per set.  Supplies are limited.

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Dark Burning Magic Attack Duelist Set 

Contains 1 “Dark Burning Magic Attack” Rubber Mat…

…and 1 pack of 100 “Dark Burning Magic Attack” Card Protector Sleeves

The 2nd Duelist Set on Sale is….

Yu-gi-Oh! OCG Police Patrol of the Underworld Duelist Set

Contains 1 Police Patrol of the Underworld rubber mat and…

1 pack of 100 “Police Patrol of the Underworld” Card Protector Sleeves

YCS Japan is coming up in October 2018. Will you be attending? Like and follow us on Facebook/Twitter and let us know!


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